I had been grinding it out for years as a post-grad graphic design major when I had an epiphany: 

Do I really love designing logos for realtors and garden supply shops? Maybe there’s more to life than taking every design job I can get my hands on. (Turns out, I was right.)

After I designed my best friend's wedding invitations, a passion for drawing that had vanished over the years was rekindled. That spark turned into a flame to set my heart on fire. The idea of creating something from nothing, committing it to the page, and translating it into a digital space? I couldn’t get enough. From there, I knew there was no turning back. I had found that magical “it” I’d been longing to discover for as long as I could remember. 

Cut to today, and I’ve been in business for five years serving dozens of refined couples every season from my Kansas City home. I’m endlessly inspired by the opulent, Old World aesthetic of Paris, cafes, flat lay styling, gold foil details, and elegant interior design. 

If you were to find me away from my desk, I’d be playing volleyball (I played in college!),sneaking bites of my favorite cookies from Crumbl before dinnertime, or relaxing with my cats, Pippa and Lyla.

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I’m endlessly inspired and my work often nods to an Old World charm that can be found on the wandering streets of New York and Paris. 

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Now’s your chance to lean into your story, your passions, and your family history to create an heirloom piece that you’ll hang on to forever. Together, we’ll combine the fine art aesthetic you love with the stories and experiences only you have–and no one else. 

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