FOR fine art VENDORS

Design, craftsmanship, and artisanal touches come together to create the experience behind Morgan Riley Design. Because you’re here, I know you’re a curator of style, design, and taste in your own business–your logo is no different. Together, we’ll bring your brand to life with a logo that honors your aesthetic and speaks to your story. 


01. Inquiry & Homework

Once your inquiry is received, we will chat about the timeline, and your goals to see if we will be a good fit. I will then send you a proposal and contract along with an in-depth questionnaire. This questionnaire will help me better understand your brand's style and goals. Once all are completed, we will move on to the design phase. 

This step you will receive an in-depth mood board showing inspiration photos, colors, a raw sketch as well as notes explaining my thought process. This will help us make sure we are headed in the right direction before we start fine-tuning and finalizing the design board. Your package will include four rounds of revisions to make specific changes to the design. 

Once your logo is approved, I will send over all the logo files as well as your final design board and format guide. From there, we can start working on your branded stationery design to really enhance your brand through and through and create the final launch materials to show your new look off to the world!

02. Colors & Design Sketch

03. Delivery & Launch

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"...look no further.
You've found one amazing artist."

"From the very beginning, I knew I was going to love working with Morgan. She was enthusiastic and open-minded about my design ideas. When I first started out on my rebranding journey, I felt overwhelmed. There were so many choices - font, color, design, etc. I didn't even know where to start. Morgan helped simplify this for me by sending a questionnaire that prompted me to really think deeply about the brand I wanted to create. I sent over images and words that inspired me, and even though I couldn't quite explain what I wanted, Morgan was somehow able to bring it to life. She was patient and kind while I tried to explain what was in my head. The first set of drafts she sent over were incredible. 


I couldn't believe she was able to take all of my "jumbled" thoughts and turn them into an elegant design that matched exactly what I wanted. I will be forever grateful for Morgan and her patience and passion to help me. If you're trying to decide who to work with for your design needs, look no further. You've found one amazing artist."

"Morgan Riley Design was the best decision I have made for my rebrand as a Fine Art Photographer! Morgan created a logo that took my personality and professionalism and combined them together into something that looks like me and how my personality is. It truly felt like she was holding my hand and guiding me through this entire world of how my business CAN stand out without losing yourself. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU MORGAN!"


"Morgan's work is absolutely amazing! When she sent me the first round of 'drafts' I cried--not joking! For the first time, I felt like a branding person totally understood my vision, my heart, and my style. She was quick to communicate, thorough and polished in her delivery, and passionate about the project which made me feel collaborative with her. I highly recommend her, especially if you connect with her art. I'm hoping to come up with some other project so I can work with her again haha!"


"Morgan is such a talent! She took thorough input from me and thought through all of the information I gave her. I gave her way too much information! I gave her tons of brands I admire and looks I aspire to be. I gave her personal thoughts on how I view my own brand on it's own. Through the mess of my own mind - Morgan produced a set of logos to use that I am so proud to share and put on anything related to my wedding photography business. It's personalized and is real to me. What a gift!"



package 1

package 2



This package will give you a logo and brand elements, along with a design board to help you visualize how to use these elements across your brand. Logo includes full logo, submark, and all color versions.

• Primary and Secondary Logo
• Submark/Favicon
• Custom Design Board
• 4 Rounds of Proofs
• Format Guide
• All File Types and Launch Materials

In addition to the logo files, brand elements, and basic design board, three stationery designs are included. These can be items such as business cards, PDFs of services/menus, postcards and inserts, welcome packets, etc.

• Primary and Secondary Logo
• Submark/Favicon
• Custom Design Board
• 4 Rounds of Proofs
• Up to 3 Stationery Designs or Templates
• Format Guide
• All File Types and Launch Materials

One payment of 1499


01. You are a fellow fine art vendor ready to be more confident in your own brand.

02. You dream of expanding into luxury clientele that admires the fine art aesthetic and the little details like you.

03. You are an aesthetically driven person and understand the visual aspect of your brand contributes to your clientele just as much as your portfolio. 

05. You believe that hiring someone with expertise can help guide you to the results you've been craving.

04. You're ready to invest your time and energy into your brand so you can start booking your dream clients.

Two payments of 799

One payment of 1699

Two payments of 899